Monday, 28 October 2013

Pics From....

The Lakes. Well I'm back and what a Fantastic time I've had!!!
I know, I know,  yes it is called work but when you are with such wonderful people it really is hard to call it work.
I have already had some really good feedback from the event and they want me to return which is totally amazing. I don't mean totally amazing that they would want me back of course!!!!! Who wouldn't want me back hee hee! And I'm more than happy to return (if only to have Friday night in "The Crown" again)
                      This is the most wonderful view from the house where I was staying on Friday

                                                     Setting up my display of samples

                                                           and ready to rock and roll

                                              And meeting some of the lovely customers

And this is the wild, wet and windy view from my hotel just before I left for my journey home on Sunday 


  1. We had a lovely day too Pauline .. and thank you for all your help and really useful tips. Do hope we'll see you again x Joyce

  2. P.S. Don't recognize the hotel ... but it looks as if it would be lovely in summer! Is it near Kendal?

  3. Thank you for your kind comments Joyce and for being a "follower"
    The hotel is the Days Inn at Killington Lakes on the M6 services
    P x
    Ps and it looks very much like you will be seeing me again ???????


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