Wednesday, 16 October 2013

IndigoBlu Bauble Tutorial...

Good morning bloggers and friends. Here it is at last, the long awaited tutorial of my IB Bauble.

I've used the Stag Cliffhanger Stamp, Gee So Good White Gesso, Gee So Good Black Gesso, Kroma Crackle, Slap It On and an IB Bauble.
Start by painting your bauble with the black gesso. It's so good you will only need one coat. If you need to speed up the drying process you can use a heat gun.
Next you need to paint the tree and the stag with the white gesso. You only need to paint down to the line of the tree.

Mask off the bottom of the stamp with a sticky note. Now place the painted stamp onto the black bauble.

Allow to dry, or speed it up with a heat gun. If you are like me and can't wait for "paint to dry" you will use a gun.

Now mix a small amount of Kroma Crackle, in a little pot, with a tiny amount of the white gesso. Spread this mix over the bottom of you bauble. This can take up to three days to dry, it will depend on room temperature etc.. You will watch it change and start to crack as it dries.
If when it's dry it isn't white enough all you need to do is paint over it with a little more gesso.
When your bauble is completely dry you will need to paint over the crackled section with Slap It On. If you don't do this the crackles will start to peel off.
The last thing to do is to add some Stickles
to the tree, just to add a little bit of


  1. Thank you all for your comments xx
    Something I forget to mention and that is to put the stamp straight into water to remove the paint. It's acrylic and will spoil your stamp

  2. WOW this is fabulous! Thank you for sharing.

    Linda xxx

  3. Oh Heck, Pauline this is utterly gorgeous xxx

  4. This is stunning - great tutorial - thanks for sharing.

  5. fabulous!! thanks for the tutorial :)


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