Friday, 3 January 2014

Total Meltdown......edited

If I don't have enough trouble in the wonderful world of IT!!
My newly learnt education in the land of computers is not doing me any good at the moment. Why I hear you all asking??  (especially as I am returning to the said classes on monday to start on Exel) well my very tired laptop has decided it has taken enough abuse from me and has give up on me.
To be honest it's been playing up for weeks now - and no it's not my fault. The computer doctor says my battery well and truly given up and to just use it plugged in. So off I went home to do just that and what happens then..... It keeps switching itself off.
So back to the docs tomorrow but I don't hold out much hope. The problem is that little job of uploading everything onto the external hard drive I have has not been done. I know, I know it's a job I've always said I'd get round to doing but hey oh, I haven't so now I'm panicking about all the photos and work etc that locked away on the poorly laptop.
Now I can blog away on my iPad but the problem is I can't load any pics on for you, it just doesn't work. So I hope normal blogging will resume ASAP.
I keep you all informed........ Wish me luck
P xx


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  1. Fingers crossed you get it sorted soon Pauline. xx


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