Friday, 17 January 2014

Hi Guys.....


I'm still here bloggers,  it unfortunately the laptop still isn't!!
After bringing her home from the doctors on Saturday afternoon it wasn't very long until she slipped away again. I'm in complete dispair with it. Anyway back she's gone and I'm still awaiting  news from the computer doctor.

So, can you cope with just my rambling a for a little longer?? I do hope you can.

I'm off to the Lake District again, this coming week, to teach a lovely bunch of crafters at Grosvenor House Papers in Kendal.  Just a few more days until I see the lovely friends I met there once again. That includes you Joyce Egar!!
We will be doing cards made with IndigoBlu stamps, I will upload the photos as soon as repairs are completed.

I'm still ploughing through the computer course and am trying to work my way around "mail merging" and getting nowhere fast I hasten to add. I've been told not to worry, most people find it difficult ( or are they trying to be polite) and I'll get there in the end!! Time will tell........

Hopefully I'll be back very shortly
P xx

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  1. I hope your laptop is better soon! Have a good time in the Lake District and good luck with the course xx


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