Thursday, 23 January 2014

200 and Counting......

Well here it is!!
Blog post number 200 can you believe it. I think it's time to celebrate with a giveaway again don't you???
I firstly want to thank you all for taking the time to join me here on my little blog. It humbles me to have you here with me and I hope you all continue to do so.

I am going to attempt to load some pics on here tomorrow (before my laptop cuts out again) and I will organise a little prize too.
Oh yes! I have the laptop back but shes untreatable, she's well past her sell by date (I know that feeling after just celebrating another birthday) so I have to hope she stays on long enough to upload the photos then I can continue on the iPad.
So I'll be back with mire details very soon.
Ooooh what shall we giveaway this time?????????


  1. It's always a pleasure to visit Pauline. Well done on your 200th post. Hugs, Claire x PS: There is candy on my blog if you are interested.

    1. Thanks Clare will come and take a look
      P xx


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