Saturday, 16 February 2013

Check List....

I pad.... Check
Boundless energy, enthusiasm, excitement.....check
Right! That means I'm ready for the big day. Just one more sleep (as my grandchildren say before a big event) till the trade show. Sheila and I  have been busy all week researching products and craft companies that we need to visit and see in the really life, so to speak.
Sheila will ask me, do I want it, do I need it, is it a must have for the shop. (As in Pink Tulip Creations) Then she will ask me what I am going to do with it. So I will be put on the spot to get my designing head on and come up with ideas on how I am going use the stamp, punch, die, paper etc... Before Sheila gives her final seal of approval.
Only problem Sheila has got now is that she will also have Tracy bending her ear on all the goodies she likes too.
So watch this space and you may get some sneaky peaks of the goodies to come.

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