Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Wallet Tutorial

Right Here Goes.........

Start by cutting a sheet of A4 card to 16.5cm wide x the A4 length.
Score at 10 and 11cm and then at 21 and 22cm
Round the corners on the end

Fold the score lines

Cut a piece of card 9.5cm long and score it at every half centimetre 7 times (3.5cm)
Repeat for a second panel

Concertina them both up and put a narrow strip of red tape on each end 

Attach the folded strips to each side of the wallet

Fold over the wallet keeping the edges together

Cut a strip of card 2cm wide and wrap it around the wallet. 
Don't pull too tight or you won't have room to put anything in the wallet.
Cut off excess card and glue the ends together

Decorate as you wish
I cut the paper for the band at 1.5cm so it leaves an edge of card on the band and I always cut the papers to leave a border of card showing

Hope this helps you to make lots of wallets 


  1. Fabulous tutorial! Thanks for sharing.
    Linda xxx

  2. I agree - it's a super tutorial - will have a go at this! Thanks so much.

  3. Ohh fab idea xx be great for gifts too x

  4. Such a pretty wallet, thanks for the step by step x

  5. Fantastic will give this a go x


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