Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Highlights From.....

The Trade Show.
Oh soooo much fun, meeting up with old friends was soooo good, but making brand new friends was even better.
One name in particular springs to mind, as she spent two fun filled days with me and my partner in crime Sue Jones, and that name just happens to be the wonderful Lorraine Brown Robertson.
Now Lorraine and I are on the Jones Craft DT together but we have never met before as she lives at the other end of the country in Scotland, but my word as soon as we did meet on Sunday we instantly became really good friends and I know we will be friends for ever now. So the terrible twosome became the triple terrors with the help of our wonderful Susan Jones.

So now we decide we need to put our talents to good use so we descend on poor Marion Emberson, another DT member, who just happens to be demoing for WOW embossing powders. The ten minute make and take took just under an hour!! Total meltdown. Such fun. Hilarious, are words that spring to mind. Well done Marion for battling through, such a great sport and another amazing friend.
And after all the messing around here's a great one with the lovely tags our Marion taught us
Now we cant leave out another partner in crime, non other than the lady herself Hels Sheridan.
Hels was demoing for Creative Expressions so I grabbed the opportunity to get her to make me  a personal work of art. When she had finished it I told her I was gonna put it on ebay and flog it to the highest bidder!!!
Not really, I wouldn't part with a work of art from our Hels
And finally I couldn't resist taking a pic of the most talented lady I've ever come across and that lady is known by the name of
Now unfortunately I've not been able to attend one of her workshops as yet, but I'm working on it.
Finn was demoing on the Stampbox stand and we were all mesmerised by her work


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  1. Such kind words my lovely & oh so true. You're stuck with me forever now lol. Did I or did I not tell you that Hels would look fab! Marion took it all in her stride in true professional manner. Couldn't have better nutters as friends. Xxx


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