Sunday, 16 June 2013

Ribbon flower tutorial...

Hi bloggers, here's the tutorial for the flower shown on my crafty ribbons DT card.
You can use most ribbons to make this flower, I must just say though that sometimes your flower will look like a rose and other times like a carnation, it just depends on what type of ribbon and how much you gather and pleat.
You start off with 12 inches of red line sticky tape, not the narrow one, it needs to be 6 or 9 mm and 12 inches of ribbon. Stick it to your cutting mat or craft mat.
Remove the backing from the  tape and stick the ribbon  across the tape leaving half of the width of the tape showing along the bottom.
From one end, it doesn't matter which, start to roll the ribbon by rolling the sticky tape and it will start to form the centre.
Now pull the tape from the cutting mat and as you roll the tape/ribbon gather and pinch at the same time.
Continue to roll and pinch till you come to the end of the ribbon. Try to keep the bottom straight.
You can then push the flower down on your mat to just flatten it a little.
The depth of the flower will be determined by how wide your ribbon is.
Practise makes perfect but they are really easy to do.
Hope this tutorial helps you and I will keep trying to get my blogger problem resolved.


  1. brilliant - will have a go. Thankyou. x

  2. Fabulous thank you so much for sharing.

    Linda xxx


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