Monday, 3 June 2013

Art For Artsake....

I decided I wanted an art journal, not so much art journalling but more of sometimes I just want to play with some of my yummy scrummy stash. Occasionally I want to design and make but not necessarily for a card or project. So I thought I would get me a book. So this book needs a cover....
 So now I can start to play, and this is a little peek at what I have been getting up to in this here little book
Don't you just love JOFY stamps
Well what do you think??
Has it inspired you to just go ahead and play??


  1. Thanks guys, isn't it nice just to play for no other reason than you can!!

  2. I may have to borrow (well ok STEAL!!!!) this idea! Love it! xx

  3. Beautiful creations xx Jan

  4. anyway I can use the fabulous stamp with the bird has to be good. I love this so I too may have to have a private viewing of the book and bring my camera. Hope to see you soon.

  5. Anytime Ash, hope to see you soon
    P x


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