Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Work In Progress....

Here's a sneaky peek at a project I've been working on. I thought I have just got to have a go at this.  but it's not finished yet, so I am only showing little bits just to wet your crafty apetite. How mean is that!! Anyway here's the first peak....

Woooh have I got you wondering?? there will be another one tomorrow.


  1. the top left hand corner is beautiful! lol xx

  2. hi, just finished my indigo blu mannequin, after all the techniques you taught me at the workshop its lovely so pleased. your new project looks a bit tasty hope its going to be a workshop, look forward to the next picture.x sam

  3. Hi Sam, it would be a really special workshop. Take a look at the next peek tomorrow x

  4. Love this sneaky preview, of whatever you are playing with, but I need to see more, hehehe. Hugs P xxx

    1. Hi pauline, think you will like the end result. I really enjoyed making it x


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