Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Gift Envelope Tutorial.....

As promised to some of the GBCF show attendees for my make and take here's my tutorial

To decorate I've used the die cut Hunkydory Butterflies and layered them together. There is three different sizes on a sheet so plenty to work with and four different colour ways in a pack
Don't use anything heavier than light card stock as it will be difficult to get your folds accurate
Any size envelope can be made, you just need a square to start with. It's good to use double sided so you can see a colour inside the diamond fastening

You start by folding a square of paper into a triangle,  this is
 a 12" x 12" light card

Hold the long edge and fold it equally into three using your hands. This way means you don't have to mark and measure 

Now crease the folds with a bone folder to get good creases
fold the top section over to reach just above the bottom line.
Fold the whole section not just the top flap, crease well

Open out the folds and you will see two little creased triangles on the side edges. 
You need to cut these sections away, as shown. Then if you refold and crease again you will see if there is any of the edge still to cut away when you open it again.

Place a finger on the centre of the bottom line and use this mark to bring the pointed end up to that mark. Open out the pointed end then push it down so it lines up with the lines of the folds

Repeat with the other side and don't panic if it's not the same size 
This sometimes happens but it doesn't matter.

Use the bigger better diamond on the top

Bring the first layer of the top fold down and add glue to the edges then bring the other flap down over it. Trim off any excess paper

Glue the gap inside the two side edges but from the top of the diamond only, don't glue inside the diamond
Add glue to the inside of the two side panels along the bottom edges and fold them in making sure the bigger or better diamond is on the top

Now fold the top flap into the diamond and decorate as you wish 

Tah Dah!!!!!

Hope you find the instructions easy to follow

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