Friday, 8 May 2015

The Winner is

Thank you all so muchly for your comments and all your best wishes on my exciting announcement

It's time to draw the winning name so it's over to Mr to generate the winning number
I've given all the people who commented a number
So here they are
1. Janet Banks
2. Deborah Gill
3. Linda Simpson
4. Rachel
5. Neil
6. Jackie Trinder
7. ElizabethR
8. Fuchsia
9. Button
10. Kay Dalton
11. Linda Page
12. Samantha Wade
13. Sam
14. Sue Gadd
15. Debby B
16. Kathy Loughlin
17. Elaine
18. Jackie
19. Molly Anthistle
20. Ann Marie Brown

True Random Number Generator
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So we have our winner .... Tah Dah...... LINDA SIMPSON

Congratulations Linda xxxx
I'll be in touch xxx


Thank you for taking the time to visit. I love reading your comments and appreciate them all.