Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A Technical Breakdown....

Well the technology gremlin has struck again!,
If you cast your minds back a couple of months you will remember the trauma I was going through with my laptop. Then I was doing a happy dance with the arrival of a gleaming, shiny (albeit a Windows 8) new laptop.
Oh the joys of Windows 8!! Which, if you also remember, was not included in the computer courses I went on in the hope of upgrading my knowledge in the wonderful world of IT.
After doing the damsel in distress oh woe is me routine a lovely friend and her lovely hubby took pity on me and gave me a guided tour of the Windows8 system and helped to upload all my documents, programmes, photos etc onto this lovely lappy. So you can imagine the horror when I started having a problem switching on the lappy. I parcelled it up and returned it to Tesco where a lovely young man named Chris had no problem at all in switching it on and even went beyond the call of duty and did loads of helpful techy things for me.
Off I went back home as happy as Larry but my joy was not to be as when I switched the lappy on  OH NO!! You may have  heard my cries where you live.
Back in the car and back down to Tesco. I'm sure Chris tried to run when he saw me coming!!
So here we are again folks!!  My lovely friends have helped me retrieve all my stuff off the other lappy but I won't get it all put onto this hew one until Thursday night.
 This brings me to the point... I can't put any piccies on this blog until then so it's another wait I'm afraid, but as soon as I can I will.
Wish me luck peeps as I'm opening the box right now!!

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