Sunday, 28 July 2013

Oh Happy Bunny Moment....

Ever had one of those moments when something happens that just makes your day that extra bit special?? Well I had one of those moments yesterday.
Here's the story...
I have had such an amazing response to my creepy cottage that I decided I would actually like to post a picture of it onto the Graphic45 site. I posted three pics onto their Facebook page and I joined their Ning site to add photos on there too. Well, my first moment happened when I looked on the Ning to find that my little creepy cottage was number one on the leader board of their top photos. I hasten to add that it has been going up and down the board ever since, but for that short space of time I WAS NUMBER ONE.
So to my "I'm a happy bunny moment" On checking my mail I find I have not one but THREE comments from Graphic45 themselves on the Facebook pics. Oh My!!!! Now it might not sound much to most people, but I have never sent pics to anywhere else before so this was an amazing moment to me. I hope you don't mind me sharing this with you but the guys at Candybox Crafts and myself have worked hard on this cottage and to have these comments, and the wonderful comments from you all, means soooo much.
P xx


  1. Oh WOW Pauline what an accolade - it is truly amazing though so very well deserved. Congratulations!!! xx

  2. How fantastic for you, I bet you are on cloud nine, well done, but then you deserve it. Hugs P xxx

    1. Such a nice thing to say pauline and Lindsey thank you both.
      P x

  3. That's fantastic, I would be over the moon xxx (hugs)

  4. This is awesome hun. I'm really happy for you! Hugs! xx


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