Thursday, 12 December 2013

All Rolled Up.....

I have a love of making flowers for my cards, scrap pages and projects. One of the ways I like is to punch circles and cut them into spirals. If you ink the outer edge it gives a lovely effect.
Another of my likes are the Spellbinder Bitty Blossoms Die. Again they roll up to make the flowers. It really helps to have a quilling tool in your kit, it does make life a bit easier. Dont panic if you haven't got one because you can always use your tweezers, just pinch the inside edge with the tweezers and keep twirling them round until you get to the end. Add a dollop (technical term) of either glue gel or tacky glue and away you go. I should just add that before you add the glue, and after you have rolled, you do need to let go of the flower. If you don't it will stay in a tight coil and not look natural. Most people struggle to let it go after trying to keep a hold on it whilst winding it up but you must.
Here's a crafty bargain for you....
The paper ribbons on this card, in all three colours, are from Wilkinsons. If you go to their Christmas wrappings department they have these paper ribbons in a pack of three, all colour co ordinated. There are packs in various colours with ribbons to match and they are only £1 per pack of three. There is a huge amount on each roll so you can afford to be generous with them. I took a twelve inch length of all three colours. Cross them over, like the breast cancer emblem. then glue the centre crossover onto your card. Trim off the ends when the glue is dry and add your flowers to hide the centre. Et Voila!!
I do like a bit of a vintage look.   


  1. Love the papers on this beautiful card, the flowers look fab xxx

  2. A gorgeous card, love the design and colours

  3. fabulous hun - love the doillies and colour scheme x

  4. This is beautiful Pauline, I love the flourishes and flowers.

    Linda xxx

  5. Thank you all ladies, I love doing these flowers you can't go wrong with them, so easy.
    P xx


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