Sunday, 24 November 2013

A Big.......

Thank You!!!
This goes out to all the lovely ladies who attended my Christmas sleigh class yesterday. What a great afternoon.
With mulled wine and muffins and chocs in our sleigh we had a fabulous crafty class.
A special thank you for Chris who was in both the refreshment and die cutting corner, Gail for the mulled wine, Jayne for the muffins and helping to set up the class and My Carol for all her never ending support.
Another thank you for Susan and Nicky who travelled all the way from Telford for the class.
Here's a few pics of them all hard at work.


  1. I'm really happy this was such a success. Congrats! :D If Ilived closer I'd definitely be there too!! ;) Hugs! xx

    1. And you would have been most welcome


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