Sunday, 24 March 2013

French Country Project.....

Well here it is, my French Country project. This is what I did with the cockrel paper, lots of fussy cutting. I painted the back of a deep 8" square canvas with fired brick disstress stain, to use it as a shadow box. Then trimmed a sheet of paper to fit in the recess. It's quite difficult to fit the paper into the box without creasing or tearing the paper but it can be done. I used a selection of Pink Paisley stamps around the edges, stamped with black stazon ink.
I cut out panels from the papers to overlay on the inside, raising some with 3d pads. Working with a knife I cut out the bits in between the cockrel and the sunflowers etc.. Use red line tape to stick the paper to the canvas then embellish by cutting out more sunflowers to mount over the ones on the panel and add metal bits and pieces from your stash.
When i sat down with this pad this morning I had no idea what I was going to produce, but there next to me on my desk was the square canvas that I had earmarked for another project.
Hope you like it and it gives you some inspiration for your own projects.

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